Welcome to Shiny Server at the GWDG!

If you're seeing this page, you have accessed rshiny.gwdg.de, or a non existant app.

What is this?

This is the landing page for our Shiny Server at the GWDG. We offer to host users' RShiny applications on our servers, including the technical support requried to set the applications up and monitoring of the access to your application.

To host an app with us, first develop your app locally, see this tutorial or this tutorial for some documentation on developing for RShiny. Some documentation also provided in a past HPCCoffee. You can also develop your app in our RStudio server without needing to install anything on your computer. Then (or ideally, even before your app is done, so we can discuss the technical requirements), contact us at support at gwdg dot de. Ideally the code and data for your application should be available under some sort of version control, to simplify the process of sharing and updating the app. For this purpose, the GWDG also offers a gitlab instance.

Currently we set up the applications ourselves on the server, but this might change in the future if there is enough demand.

What we offer

The server currently hosting our RShiny apps provides an 8-core 2.9 GHz CPU and 60 GB of easily expandable RAM. Additionally, GPU access is also possible with some setup.


2023.01.06: Cleared backlog with 3 new apps: rshiny.gwdg.de/apps/bayesmeta/, rshiny.gwdg.de/apps/potato4/, and rshiny.gwdg.de/apps/clarus.

2022.08.05: Added new app: rshiny.gwdg.de/apps/optimLanduse/

2022.08.03: Added some more example apps, hosted RShiny HPCCoffee with some tutorial information.

2022.04.27: Hosting our first app: rshiny.gwdg.de/apps/CNS-myelin

2022.04.27: Website goes public!

Currently hosted apps

Example default RShiny App. rshiny.gwdg.de/apps/sample-apps/hello
Example default RShiny App. rshiny.gwdg.de/apps/sample-apps/rmd
Your app?
Example RShiny App in Showcase Mode. rshiny.gwdg.de/apps/sample-apps/hello-showcase
Example Portfolio Simulator App. rshiny.gwdg.de/apps/sample-apps/portfolio_sim