Proteome and transcriptome data access for

Gargareta, Reuschenbach, Siems, Sun et al., elife (2022)

Myelin proteome quantification by MSe and UDMSe

MSe : increased dynamic range / decreased proteome coverage = accurate quantification of high to medium-abundant proteins;

UDMSe : decreased dynamic range / increased proteome coverage = accurate quantification of medium- to low-abundant proteins (Siems et al., 2020)

For experimental design details, please check our paper and Jahn et al., 2020

Gene expression in integrated mature oligodendrocyte scRNA-seq data

Note: Visualization here is only for reference, for further analysis, please use data from the original study

Original Studies : Zeisel et al 2015 , Marques et al 2016 , Habib et al 2017 , Lake et al 2017 , Falcão et al 2018 , Saunders et al 2018 , Jäkel et al 2019 , Zeisel et al 2018 , Grubman et al 2019 , Ximerakis et al 2019 (not on interface) , Wheeler et al 2020 , Zhou et al 2020 (only mouse data)

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