What you'll find here.

CLARUS (Interactive Explainable Platform for Graph Neural Networks) can be used to better understand, validate and improve the decision making of Graph Neural Networks (GNN).

Therefore, CLARUS allows you to visually explore and modify the graph data in order to test the resulting effects on the GNN prediction.

CLARUS has been developed for simple, undirected, homogeneous graphs which represent a biological network.

How to use this Platform.

Select Graph Data

Choose one of our pre-selected datasets to load into the UI.

Explore the Graph

Explore the network to understand its structure and identify relevant components.

Modify the Graph

Modify the graph based on the relevances or your domain knowledge by deleting / adding nodes or edges.

Retrain or Predict

Use the modified graph data for retraining or predictions on the GNN.


Download Results

Hint: After adding the node, its attributes values can't be changed!

Data on Edges

Hint: One node label can occur multiple times in both columns 'from' and 'to'. Use search function to view all edges of a node.

Data on Nodes